Our Humidors are tailor-made to each and every one of our customers.
Whether you have a large collection of boxes or many unique individual cigars,
you will be able to create to the specification and look of your choice

Our exquisite Brass Hardware is also customizable giving the customer the
choice of a timeless brass finish or a dark & sophisticated black finish

The Humidors come with a Brass key whereby the customer can have their
initials engraved on one or both sides

Elevate your home decor with custom wood veneer for your cigar humidor. Our
artisans meticulously craft each veneer to seamlessly integrate with your
interior design, whether it’s a Dark Oak to complement traditional elegance or a
sleek Walnut for a modern touch. With a wide range of finishes available, you
can indulge in personalization that reflects your unique living space ambiance